Teammate Spotlight – Elise Power

When did you begin employment at Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH)?  
I joined Faith in December 2019, and have more than thirty years of experience in the industry.

What is your job title, and would you provide a brief description of your role?  
I am the Jewish Hospice Community Liaison working to educate physicians, patients, families, temples, Rabbis and congregations on the benefits of utilizing the services offered by Faith, which is accredited by the National Institute for Jewish Hospice.

What do you like best about working here?
One of the best things about FPH are my incredible teammates. Working with such a dedicated team is a joy! In addition, the specialized services that we offer, such as music and massage therapy, are wonderful and provide our patients with peace and comfort. Finally, my interaction with patients at the Harold E. Simmons In-Patient Care Center is so meaningful to me. I love working with each patient and making a difference in their life, as well as the lives of their loved ones.

Please share a special “Moment That Mattered” to you.
There are so many special moments, but one stands out. A family member of patient was able to spend several days and nights with their loved one at the Simmons In-patient Center. They shared with me that they could not have gone through their journey without me or our caring and compassionate teammates. That meant the world to me!

Please share a little about yourself personally.
I enjoy staying active through Pilates and attending spin class at the Jewish Community Center of Dallas. In my free time, you can find me cheering on my grandchildren at their many sporting events. Being a grandmother to Jett (age 18), Ava (16), Aiden (13), Max (13), Sydney (13), Griffin (age 11) and Harper (9) is my favorite role! I love spending time with my family and look forward to our annual summer vacations.