Faithful Friends Chair Shares Her “Why”

The Faithful Friends affinity group gathered on January 12 for a program led by Danette Muzic, Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH) Executive Director. The purpose of the evening was to highlight volunteer opportunities in a hospice setting – particularly with FPH. As the Faithful Friends meeting was held in the FPH Spiritual Care Center, a group of volunteers were putting Danette’s words into action as they participated in the monthly Faith Kids event held in the Butterfly Center on the top floor of Forefront Living’s office building.

FPH offers a robust volunteer program and invites those interested to click here to learn more about volunteer opportunities. To learn more about Faithful Friends and discover the reason Maria Reynolds-Diaz is so passionate about this group, watch the video below:

Faithful Friends exists to provide support to FPH in large and small ways. This affinity group is offered special invitations to inspiring and informative presentations, receptions and volunteer opportunities as they strive to establish ways to help those experiencing the end-of-life make each moment matter. Contact Christina Raville at or 214-355-3923 to learn more.