Sarina’s Inspiring Journey: From Loss to Resilience and Hope

In our bustling world where stories of resilience and hope often take a back seat to the daily grind, there are moments that remind us of the extraordinary strength found in ordinary people. Such a moment unfolded at the Each Moment Matters Luncheon (EMM), when a remarkable 9-year-old girl named Sarina Desai and her father, Nipun, took the stage to serve as a face of those receiving support, making what happened after the luncheon concluded a true full circle moment.


Tragedy struck Sarina’s family when she unexpectedly lost her mother nearly two years ago. But amidst her grief and sorrow, Sarina found a haven of support through the programming Faith Presbyterian Hospice’s (FPH) Caring Fund provides courtesy of its generous donors. Since her mother’s death, Sarina has been a loyal participant in monthly Faith Kids sessions, Camp Erin, the summer family grief camp and Camp Faith, the annual holiday camp for kids. When Sarina first joined these programs, she was a quiet, introspective child who rarely spoke about her grief. However, as time has passed, she has emerged as a leader among her peers, offering solace to new friends she has made along the way.

The programming that has played a pivotal role in helping Sarina find her voice and inner strength is the very programming the EMM Luncheon raises money to fund. Sarina and Nipun’s presence during the luncheon was significant as luncheon goers were able to visually connect their donations to those they support.


One unique feature of the EMM Luncheon is the Butterfly Tree. This tree is adorned with paper butterflies (the unofficial mascot of FPH), each color-coded to represent a specific dollar amount that can fund various items needed for the Faith Caring Fund programs. For example, a $25 butterfly may purchase supplies like crayons and scissors for the Faith Kids program.


After the luncheon concluded, the team of staffers accepting donations was taken aback when Sarina headed straight for the butterfly tree. With money she had received for her birthday, she purchased a butterfly, proudly pinning it to her shirt. Her intention was clear – she wanted to wear it with pride when she returned to school that afternoon.

This heartwarming gesture embodied the essence of Sarina’s journey – from a place of grief to one of strength and gratitude. It was a full-circle moment that left everyone who witnessed it deeply moved.

Sarina’s story is a testament to the power of support, compassion and resilience. It imprints upon us that even in the face of life’s most challenging moments, there is hope and healing to be found. Learn more about FPH’s Child Bereavement Programs here. Support the Faith Caring Fund here.