Messick, Peacock and Associates sponsor new uniforms for teammates at Forefront Living

During the pandemic, one Forefront Living Foundation board member was looking to show appreciation for healthcare workers of the frontlines battling COVID-19.

David Peacock of Messick, Peacock and Associates funded over 140 sets of nursing scrubs for teammates at Presbyterian Village North and Faith Presbyterian Hospice.

“We wanted to try to do anything to give them a little bit of support and encouragement in any possible way because each day they’re risking their life,” said Peacock. “Each day they’re also taking on new challenges and having to do their job in a different way than they were before this pandemic started.”

In addition to gifting the new uniforms, during Nurse appreciation week, the firm also supplied lunch for all nursing teammates catered by Ruthies Food truck.

“It’s overwhelming to have someone that cares that much about staff to recognize their contributions, hard work and sacrifices at a time when nurses are being put into the line of fire,” said Tena Burley, executive director of the Forefront Living Foundation.

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