FPH Receives Fourth Consecutive Jewish Hospice Accreditation

Three teammates representing Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH) attended the 37th National Institute for Jewish Hospice (NIJH) accreditation conference in Newark, New Jersey November 16-17, 2022.

The NIJH was founded in 1985 by Rabbi Maurice Lamm, to educate hospice workers in Jewish practices as they care for terminally ill patients. Each year the NIJH conference continues this tradition and expands on its mission to teach non-Jewish hospice professionals how to care for dying Jewish people.

“The NIJH conference provided a welcoming environment to learn more about the Jewish faith and end-of-life customs. The information presented will be incredibly helpful in providing a stronger faith-based environment for FPH Jewish patients and their families.” Wendy Van Bemmel, Forefront Living Public Relations Manager, said.

Doctors, Nurses, Administrators, Chaplains, Social Workers, and other hospice professionals from across the country attended the conference and received education on Jewish medical ethics, end-of-life care and issues such as consolation and bereavement from a Jewish perspective. Attendees learned how to care for different groups within Judaism and received instruction about many Jewish customs including a thorough explanation of the tahara process and the tradition and process of burying those of the Jewish faith in a plain wooden coffin.

In addition to interactive lectures, attendees received sample vidui cards, Jewish living wills and an assortment of other informational material. Upon completion of the conference, the representatives returned to their hospices to share their education and train the rest of their staff continuously throughout the year.

Marlene Casco, FPH Director of Clinical Services, was a featured speaker at the conference and led a breakout session of approximately 30 hospice professionals. Casco guided the group in a discussion of the importance of all disciplines within a hospice working together to provide care for Jewish patients. She facilitated an open forum in which attendees to shared tips and best practices that have worked in their hospices.

Each hospice professional that completed the training, received a certificate of accreditation as well as their hospice appearing on the NIJH website, so individuals can easily identify a Jewish hospice program for themselves or their loved ones. Because of the representation at the 2022 conference, FPH will proudly hold the NIJH accreditation for the fourth consecutive year.

“FPH is honored to attend the NIJH conference annually. NIJH educates our team on the importance and benefits of how to care for our Jewish patients and families at end-of-life, by respecting their Jewish beliefs and traditions. At-end-of-life patients want to make peace with their families and G D.” Elise Power, FPH Jewish Hospice Community Liaison, said.

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