Finding Healing and Connections Through Camp Erin DFW

Losing a loved one is never easy, and the journey through grief can be an overwhelming experience. Jessica and Cathy, both mothers of children who attended Camp Erin DFW alongside them, share their touching experiences from camp and how that weekend retreat has morphed into a deeper connection between the two families to provide comfort, support and healing with each other.

Jessica’s Story: A Journey of Rediscovery

In September of 2022, Jessica’s family faced the profound loss of a husband and father. Navigating through the “firsts” without their loved one, they attended Camp Erin DFW with open hearts and no specific expectations. Jessica recounts the transformative experience of seeing her daughter, initially reserved and grieving, take the stage to sing karaoke on the first night.

Camp Erin DFW became a haven where grief turned into healing, laughter coexisted with tears and her children rediscovered the joy of simply being kids. The bonds formed during those days lingered beyond the camp, evolving into lasting friendships that continue to offer mutual support on the journey through grief. Jessica reflects on the serendipity of finding a supportive community at Camp Erin DFW, a place where broken hearts could mend.

Cathy’s Testimonial: Connecting Through Shared Loss

Cathy expressed gratitude for being part of the Camp Erin DFW family weekend. Having lost her husband unexpectedly in August 2022, Cathy attended the camp with her children, including her youngest son, Mark, who was almost 14 at the time.

Camp Erin DFW facilitated connections with other families facing a similar journey. Cathy met three other families with teens who were all grappling with the recent loss of their fathers. She emphasized the immediate connection between those who share the unique experience of loss and looks forward to staying in touch with these newfound friends.

The bond formed during the camp extended beyond the weekend, culminating in a reunion of these precious families this Fall. The camp’s impact extends far beyond its duration, leaving indelible marks on the hearts of those who find solace during the summer weekend. Click here to learn more about Camp Erin DFW.