Faithful Friends: Understanding Grief Series

An audience of 40 guests attended a Faithful Friends gathering on July 27, at the Marnie and Kern Wildenthal Center located on the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center campus to continue the series on Understanding Grief For All Ages. The second event in the series, facilitated by Binu Matthews, Bereavement Manager at Faith Presbyterian Hospice, focused on adult grief. The insightful presentation focused on the five common stages of grief including denial, anger, bargaining, depression and acceptance. This series will conclude in October with “Understanding Child Grief.”

Faithful Friends gathered on the evening of Thursday, April 27, at the Marnie and Kern Wildenthal Education Center, to participate in a three-part educational speaker series entitled, “Understanding Grief for All Ages.” Although grief is a universal experience, the grieving process is unique to each individual.

This first portion of the series covered the topic of “Understanding Family Grief.” During her presentation, Danette Muzic, Executive Director at Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH), shared the unique ways family members experience grief. She explained that while factors like culture, education, socioeconomic status and location can influence grief processing, age is also a strong contributing factor. Although grieving family members often live together and share similar backgrounds, individuals will all have different grief experiences and should address them individually.

Faithful Friends is an engagement group of philanthropic-minded individuals born out of your desire to connect to FPH and give back to the community. The purpose of Faithful Friends is to increase awareness, promote volunteerism and engagement, while providing advocacy and supporting the mission of FPH. For more information, please contact Christina Raville via email or call (214) 355-3923.