Faith Presbyterian Hospice Honors Lost Loved Ones Through Spring Memorial and Butterfly Release

After a loved one dies, the grief experienced can be overwhelming and difficult to process. At Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH), our team encourages those experiencing loss to find therapeutic ways to acknowledge their grief and remember the person they loved while metaphorically saying goodbye. To find individuals find peace and take steps toward celebrating their loved one’s life, FPH hosted its annual Spring Memorial and Butterfly Release on the morning of April 29.

Approximately 200 people joined together at FPH’s T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center in the Marnie & Kern Wildenthal Education Center to celebrate those they’ve lost. Families attended an indoor memorial service sprinkled with messages of hope, prayer, song and even a few laughs. After the service, attendees received a small box containing a butterfly and were encouraged to release it over the picturesque lake on the FPH campus. 

This event was created to provide the opportunity and environment in which everyone can share their struggles, how much they miss their loved ones and the attributes of that person that made them so special. It is also an opportunity for those who were unable to attend a funeral to have a chance to grieve and say goodbye. The goal is not to let go of the person but to remember them. By doing this, FPH helps individuals cope with their grief in a healthy way while remembering their loved ones with honor and a joyful heart. If you, or someone you know is in need of grief support, click here to learn how FPH can help.

FPH will host a similar, Winter Memorial, on December 14, 2023 – stay tuned for more details.