Faith Presbyterian Hospice held its first vaccination clinic on Jan. 28

Faith Presbyterian Hospice was among the first hospices in Dallas to become a certified COVID-19 vaccine distributer and held its initial vaccination clinic on Thursday, Jan. 28.

“Our clinic was a tremendous success!” said John Mezo, executive director of Faith Presbyterian Hospice. “The process took about 20 minutes from check-in to discharge, and that included the 15-minute observation time after receiving the vaccination. We delivered all 100 doses that we received with zero waste, so overall it was a very good day.”

The clinic administered the Moderna shot as provided by the Texas Department of State Health Services. Among those vaccinated, 56 were Faith teammates and 46 were patients’ family and community members. Many who participated in the clinic expressed their gratitude for being able to receive the vaccine.

“I was motivated to take the vaccine to prevent my patients’ families and my family from getting the virus,” said Brandy Carney, RN case manager at Faith.

Faith underwent a lengthy interview process with the Texas Department of State Health Services to become a vaccine distributor. The vetting process included ensuring Faith had the proper equipment to store and monitor the vaccine and adequate staffing to conduct a clinic. The entire application took approximately one month to complete.

“Faith Presbyterian Hospice is a community-based provider of healthcare, so we felt it incumbent upon us to provide this service to our community and to be part of the solution,” said Mezo. “The pandemic has touched all our lives, and to be able to provide the vaccination in the beautiful setting of the T. Boone Pickens Hospice Center is especially rewarding.”

Faith will hold another clinic once the Texas Department of State Health Services grants them additional doses.

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