A Feast of Gratitude: FPH’s Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch

As the season of gratitude envelops us, Faith Presbyterian Hospice (FPH) embraced the spirit of Thanksgiving with its annual Potluck Lunch. On November 9, more than 75 teammates from various departments gathered to share a meal, laughter and camaraderie in celebration of their collective dedication and hard work.

The potluck featured a delightful array of homemade Thanksgiving-themed dishes, each crafted with care and shared among colleagues.

Following the feast, Forefront Living (FL) leadership took the opportunity to express their gratitude to the dedicated FPH team and to provide a global corporate update highlighting the impact of the collective efforts on the broader FL organization. FPH Executive Director, Danette Muzic, shared specific updates pertaining to the hospice, offering insights into the ongoing initiatives and future plans. One of the highlights of the event was the recognition of FPH teammates based on their years of service and extended a warm to the newest members of the FL family.

Faith Presbyterian Hospice’s annual Thanksgiving Potluck Lunch was more than just a meal; it was a celebration of the collective spirit that makes FPH a remarkable community. In sharing food and stories, expressing gratitude and recognizing the diverse talents within the team, the event encapsulated the essence of Thanksgiving. As the FPH family continues to provide compassionate care and support, these moments of unity and appreciation serve as a reminder that, together, they can make a meaningful difference in the lives they touch.