Get to Know Danette Muzic

Forefront Living is pleased to introduce our newest leadership teammates, both filling the roles of executive director. Danette M. Muzic, Executive Director at Faith Presbyterian Hospice, and Dustin Allen, Executive Director at Presbyterian Village North, began their roles within of few weeks of each other. We sat down with Danette and Dustin to get to know these dynamic leaders better through a fun question and answer session. We hope you enjoy learning more about our newest executive directors in this two-part feature.

Danette Muzic, her wife Eve, and their puppies Mishka and Miki are recent transplants to Texas from Ohio. Danette would love suggestions for restaurants and fun things to do in the area! Please read below to learn more about Danette M. Muzic.

What are you passionate about regarding your professional role?
Professionally, I am passionate about creating a sacred experience for our patients and their families to ease the profoundly difficult season of dying. I’m also passionate about creating a work environment that is authentic, fun, professional and productive. I want each teammate to look forward to coming to work so that we can serve our patients and families with the energy and focus they deserve.

What makes you feel proud?
This isn’t a word I use regularly, but I am very pleased with my three adult sons: Raphael, Brendan and Eli, who are finding their way in the world and doing well. I am grateful to be in Texas and at Faith. My story has been full of twists and turns, and I have felt led and carried by the Divine every step of the way.

Where could we find you on the weekend?
On the weekend, you might find me with my wife Eve, hiking on a trail, sitting by the pool, dining out or running errands. I enjoy binging on the latest crime show or documentary.

What makes you a good friend or how would your friends describe you?
My friends would describe me as funny, intuitive, wise, a straight shooter and a person they can be completely honest with. I am more introverted and I don’t require a lot of time with my friends, but I appreciate deep connection and conversation when we are together. 

My favorite foods/restaurants include places like Brasao Brazilian Steakhouse and Seasons 52. I also love Chinese food, farm to table restaurants and wine bars – although I don’t drink wine – I prefer a Moscow Mule.

My hobbies are walking, reading, writing, spending time with family, listening to music and singing – mostly in the car these days.