Nationally Recognized Hospice Care Programs in Dallas, Texas

Inspired programming.

As life moves forward, each passing moment gains greater significance for families sharing this poignant time together. The quality of these moments — for the patient completing his or her final journey, and for the memories of surviving loved ones — matters deeply. This is where Faith Presbyterian Hospice shines brightest among hospice agencies in Dallas, TX.

Faith is the Dallas hospice leader in providing effective clinical interventions and integrated therapies along with innovative programs and supplemental services designed to touch the heart with hope — in this moment, and for all the moments to come.

In addition to integrated therapies, bereavement services are a distinguishing hallmark of Faith’s unique commitment to programs that serve families well beyond their time of immediate grief by caring for their emotional and psychological needs going forward.

Fulfills special requests with transformational and inspirational experiences, such as the retired pilot who wanted to fly one more time. Requests are as varied as the patients we serve.

Records the memories, appreciations and stories of loved ones and friends to help ensure nothing is left unsaid. The recordings are provided to the patient and to all participating family members.

Provides a soothing presence and the therapeutic benefits of pet therapy.

Visually and physically preserves the simple gesture of holding hands by creating a side-by-side paper print, or a plaster cast sculpture. It honors a sacred moment between loved ones with the lasting memory of holding one another’s hand.

Gives patients the opportunity to create and share videos and recordings of life stories, special memories and messages for their loved ones.

Incorporates play therapy and music to support grieving children at their time of greatest need. Child life specialists, social workers and bereavement coordinators are part of the team that continues to offer family support following the loss of a loved one when children are involved.

Offered in the months of August and December, this day camp allows children, grandchildren and their surviving parents and grandparents to express their grief in a safe, secure, creative environment, and to develop creative ways to heal after the loss of a loved one.

These monthly and weekly support groups help participants better understand the grieving process, encouraging them share their unique experience of loss, and to find comfort and healing in remembering and honoring their loved ones.

Listen to Voices of Faith.

Family members share their thoughts on their hospice experience with Faith Presbyterian. We invite you to listen and learn how exceptional care and services in a faith-based culture make a difference in people’s lives.

For more on the special programs available through Faith Presbyterian Hospice, use the Quick Form, or call us at 1-800-724-6386.